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A Bigger, Badder Kelsaik60Zone
A Biting Retort40 - 46130,300Choice of:
A Blessing in Disguise44Zone
A Bloody Mess50559,000Zone
A Bone to Pick501,169,000Zone
A Bridge Pretty Near1Zone
A Brutal Sort of Mercy106,600

Limited by class
A Burning Mystery47224,000Zone
A Cautionary Tale41Zone
A Chance of Sun58Zone
A Clean Slate59Zone
A Clue in the Dark51,000

Limited by class
The World of TERA
A Clue in the Dark71,000

Limited by class
A Collector of Ore20Zone
A Cure for Jermir53Zone
A Dark Crystal3591,200Zone
A Dead Man's Son24Zone
A Duty Forsworn50633,600Zone
A Duty Most Grave147,300Zone
A Few Key Collective Points1Zone
A Few Key Points Are in Order1Zone
A Fol and His Money1311,400Zone
A Folk Remedy24Zone
A Frightening Proposition46354,900Zone
A Gaggle of Gatherers591,080,000Zone
A Great Big Order20Zone
A Grim Task21 - 2914,100Choice of:
A Helping Hand45Zone
A Hire Calling44702,400

Limited by class
A Huge Relief43523,600Zone
A Letter from Fraya60Zone
A Letter to My Wife42Zone
A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That39 - 4576,200Choice of:
A Little Help58700,000Zone
A Little Long in the Tooth47337,200Zone
A Lot o' Lance35Zone
A Makeup Test47337,200Zone
A Manor Invasion26120,000

Limited by class
Insanity Epidemic
A Measure of Vengeance10Zone
A Memory for My Mother42Zone
A Mind Is a Terrific Thing to Dominate56Zone
A Mockery of Just Us41362,180Zone
A Murder of Crows50610,000Zone
A Murder of Mekonaris501,593,500Zone
A New Breed441,950,000

Limited by class
To the Wild Jungle
A Peculiar Prefect44300,000Zone
A Piercing Problem44379,800Zone
A Pirate's Life for Me30
A Race Through Dark Places36420,000

Limited by class
Samael's Apparition
A Ration-al Response53968,800Zone